A Report on the Israeli Destruction of the Palestinian Academic and Scientific Institutions PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 March 2011 20:00

(English, pp.32) 

During the Israeli incursions into the Palestinian cities, and especially during the military operation in April 2002, almost all 


scientific, academic, and research and development institutions have been stormed by the Israeli military forces inflicting severe damage to the institutions. Among those institutions were the Palestinian universities, educational centers, and of course our own Palestine Academy for Science and Technology.


The Academy, in its function of umbrella organization for institutes en gaged in basic and strategic research and scientific information services, has taken the initiative to assess the damage that was inflicted on those institutes. To that aim, the Academy was responsible for preparing and circulating a questionnaire. This report not only provides a physical assessment of the damage but more importantly describes the ramifications and adverse implications of that damage, such as the disruption of the educational process for extended periods of time and the halting of all scientific and research activities. Due to the fact that both the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Higher Education, two governmental bodies, have strong relations with the Palestinian Universities and our Academy, this report also features the damage that was inflicted on them.

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